We offer essentially 3 types of simulators:

  1. Level D certified
  2. Custom built for commercial or military
  3. Pro Series product line for flight school


  • Depending on requirements, each simulator is unique per customer requirements
  • For Level D or Custom, the cockpit replicates the customer’s aircraft configuration
  • Our in-house “products” are proven components that are inserted into building a simulator
  • Many Visual options such as dome, cylinder, collimated display
  • Several motion platforms are available depending on need and budget
  • Custom visual databases to include entire country (at a minimum)
  • Merlin can supply a turnkey complete simulator system or deliver components such as cockpit, visual, motion or software

Proven Software Components

  • World database
  • Visual database builder
  • Image Generator
  • 2-D display backbone
  • Datapool backbone
  • Datapool debugger
  • Datapool joystick interface
  • Data acquisiton (I/O – host)
  • I/O firmware
  • Flight control firmware
  • Motion firmware
  • AuralNVG
  • Jeppesen reader
  • World Navigational Database
  • Simulated GPS(resembles 530)
  • Simulated Proline 21
  • Scenario Tools
  • Voice over IP
  • Automated ATC